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Granite Vs Quartz

Have you been wondering if you should choose granite or quartz for your countertops? This debate has continued for years between both homeowners and builders alike. Granite has been highly-favored because of its elegant, sophisticated beauty that it provides in your home. Quartz countertops; however, are growing in popularity because they are easy to care for and highly versatile. Builders frequently put granite countertops in the homes that they build because people are drawn to it.  When you incorporate stone countertops… Read More »Granite Vs Quartz

Kitchen Countertop

Quartz For Kitchen Countertops

Henrys Granite has been installing superior quality countertops throughout the DFW metroplex area and the surrounding cities for over ten years now. Here at Henrys Granite, we offer you the largest selection of exceptional quality quartz countertops that you’ll find anywhere in the North Texas region!  When you’re desiring to upgrade and transform your kitchen with fine quality quartz countertops, it can become costly; however, we make it very affordable for you! How do we do that? Our family-owned company is associated with… Read More »Quartz For Kitchen Countertops

Henry's Granite


Henry’s Granite has the largest, most extensive selection of premium quality stone that’s available in the entire DFW metroplex region and throughout the surrounding cities. Our family-owned company is based locally so that it’s easy for you to see the massive selection of fine stones and for you to choose what’s best for your home upgrades and transformation. For over ten years, Henry’s Granite has been installing superior quality countertops for homeowners throughout the cities that we serve.  Are you unsure… Read More »QUARTZITE

Henrys quartz countertops


Here at Henry’s Granite, we can proudly state that we have the widest selection of exceptional quality quartz countertops to be found anywhere in the DFW metroplex area. When you are wanting to upgrade and transform your home with superior quality countertops, it can become costly. Not with us! Our family-owned company eliminates the middleman by selling directly to you, enabling you to have the beautiful countertops that you desire and reducing your renovation expenses.  Whether you want the most affordable quartz countertops… Read More »QUARTZ COUNTERTOPS

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10 Best Quartz Countertops Installer Near Me

Here we will discuss the best 10 best quartz countertops installer near you. Since 2010, Henry’s Granite has installed the finest quality quartz countertops for homeowners and businesses in Fort Worth and the cities throughout the DFW metroplex area.  Our installation experts and fabrication professionals measure, cut and install your quartz countertops with precision and accuracy. Installing quartz countertops is a serious decision when upgrading your home.  Most likely, you’ve asked your neighbors and friends “Who are the 10 best quartz… Read More »10 Best Quartz Countertops Installer Near Me

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Granite Countertops Near You

Henry’s Granite is your number one resource for the widest selection of fine granite countertops available anywhere in the North Texas region. Since 2010, our family-owned and locally-based company has transformed the homes of residents throughout Fort Worth and the DFW metroplex area.  Most likely, you’ve been asking those around you “Where are granite countertops near me?”. Your search is over! Do you know what type of granite you want?  Would you like a popular granite variety or a rare granite pattern?  No… Read More »Granite Countertops Near You

Henrys Granite

Best Granite Countertops

For the best granite countertops in Fort Worth, Texas and the entire DFW metroplex region, look no further! Henry’s Granite has offered the finest quality granite countertops to homeowners throughout the six counties we provide service to since 2010.  Our vast selection of top quality granite will overwhelm you!  Choosing granite countertops is a major decision regarding upgrading your home, as they greatly increase your home’s value.  Are you desiring granite countertops for your kitchen area?  Would you like a small… Read More »Best Granite Countertops