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Best Granite Countertops

For the best granite countertops in Fort Worth, Texas and the entire DFW metroplex region, look no further! Henry’s Granite has offered the finest quality granite countertops to homeowners throughout the six counties we provide service to since 2010. 

Our vast selection of top quality granite will overwhelm you!  Choosing granite countertops is a major decision regarding upgrading your home, as they greatly increase your home’s value.  Are you desiring granite countertops for your kitchen area? 

Would you like a small bar for casual entertaining?  Does your bathroom need to be updated?  No matter how large or small the area is that you need granite countertops for, we are here to help you! 

Contact us today at (817) 402-1759 and speak with our granite experts.  With us, you are the top priority!  Visit our conveniently-located showroom and see for yourself the multitude of granite we make available to you.  Our design consultant will assist you in choosing the granite that is just right for your decorative style, lifestyle, and personal needs.    


Yes!  Granite is an exceptionally hard stone and does not mar or scratch easily.  Your granite countertops will last for over thirty years when properly cared for and not subjected to unusual abuse. 

As it is a natural stone it does require treating annually; however the durability of granite and the beauty it provides far outweigh the minor upkeep granite countertops require. 

They are easy to clean and are not affected by knives or hot pots.  Countertops typically range between 3/4″ to 1 14″ thick so the thicker the granite slab then the stronger your granite countertop will be. 

Choose a thinner granite slab for areas like your bathroom countertop or vanity.  A heavier granite slab is an excellent choice for a kitchen that is used frequently for cooking, baking and as a gathering place.    


Granite is available in a multitude of colors, patterns, and varieties.  Do you want a dramatic black granite-like Absolute Black for your daring style?  Does ethereal white granite such as White Ice appeal to your love of classic tradition? 

Would you prefer a swirled brown and gold granite for your country home?  Henry’s Granite has the widest selection of colors and varieties you’ll find anywhere.  If you’re looking for a rare granite variety and we don’t have it in our inventory, we order it especially for you!


Granite countertops provide you with many positive benefits.  Granite is a natural stone that is quarried, cut into slabs and then polished.  No two granite slabs are identical, giving you confidence that you will never see countertops exactly like yours in another person’s home. 

Granite instantly creates a feeling of elegance in any room its in.  It is highly resistant to heat; therefore, a hot pot can be placed directly on it and granite won’t be damaged.  Regular kitchen activities like cutting and chopping don’t harm granite countertops. 

Granite also never goes out of style, so you’ll not need to worry about replacing your granite countertops for decades!  Stop by our showroom and we’ll guide you through our expansive warehouse to view the abundance of granite slabs we make available for you to choose from. 

Our family-owned company is devoted to providing you with the widest selection of fine granite, the best service you’ll find anywhere and the lowest prices around.  With Henry’s Granite, you can be certain your granite countertops will make you proud!