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Ogee Edge

ogee edge profiles

Once you’ve completed the challenging task of selecting your countertop stone, you then must choose the edge profile for your countertop. Not only does the edge profile smooth the rough edges of the countertop stone slab, but it is also a key design feature that conveys your preferred environmental style.

To create a statement of timeless, traditional elegance, sophistication and refinement, choose the detailed, ornate ogee edge profile.

Here Is An Example Of Ogee Edge.

This popular premium edge profile lends itself well for all of your stone choices and is extremely beautiful on marble. The highly-experienced fabrication artisans here at Henry’s Granite craft flawlessly-perfect ogee edge profiles.

beautifully curved edges

Are you wanting for your countertops to transform your kitchen and bathroom? The detailed, intricate ogee edge profiles work wonders in doing just that! The ogee edge profile instantly creates a feeling of relaxed elegance when used on your bathroom countertops and your vanity area.

Don’t get carried away though! If you have a large kitchen countertop area, choose the ogee edge profile for your kitchen island to create a stunning, dramatic contrast. If you’re wanting additional drama and to take it up a notch, combine the ogee edge profile with the demi bullnose or the layering of the laminate edge profile.

With the ogee edge profile, the top edge of the countertop curves inward and then curves outward along the beautifully carved and shaped bottom edges. This stunning edge profile is compatible with all design atmospheres and works extremely well in classic, traditional or cottage-style homes.

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For the finest quality and most beautifully-crafted countertop edge profiles in Fort Worth, Texas and the DFW metroplex region, you don’t have to search any longer! Henry’s Granite is known throughout the nine counties that we provide service to for superior quality countertops and flawless edge profiles. Call us today at (817) 402-1759 and speak with our talented fabrication specialists.

Our family-owned, locally-based company is devoted to providing you, our valued customer, with exceptional quality, unbeatable, prompt service and the lowest prices that you’ll find anywhere. You can count on the fact that with Henry’s Granite, you’ll have the home of your dreams!