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Best Rhome TX Countertops. Henry’s Granite has provided premium quality countertops to the residents of Rhome, Texas and throughout the DFW metroplex region since 2016. We are your one-stop resource for the largest selection of fine quality countertops anywhere within the nine counties that we offer our services to. 

Granite is treasured by homeowners because it is a natural stone that is quarried, cut and polished and no two granite slabs are the same. Granite instantly creates a feeling of refined, sophisticated elegance throughout any room that it is in. Are you curious regarding what colors granite is available in? Granite colors run the full spectrum, from deep midnight black to ethereal Arctic White. If you’re looking for a speckled or swirled pattern or a rare granite variety, that’s not a problem with us! 

How much do granite countertops cost?“, you ask. We know that home upgrades can become expensive; however, with our massive inventory and our rock-bottom prices, we enable you to have the granite countertops that you’ve been wanting, no matter what your budget limitations are. Our locally-based company is family-owned and we treat you, our valued customer, just like we treat our own family! 

Call us today at (817) 402-1759 and speak with our countertop experts in Rhome, TXX. Stop by our showroom, ask us any questions that you have and see in-person the multitude of countertop stones and finishing details that we offer you. You’ll be amazed! Henry’s Granite sees to it that your dream home becomes reality!

Best Countertop Services in Rhome, TX as of Sept. 2019

Installing premium quality granite countertops increases your property value enormously, as your home is a valuable investment. There are many important decisions that you’ll be facing once you’ve decided to add fine quality granite countertops. We provide one of the best countertop services in Rhome, Texas as of September 2019.

A number of companies advertise that they offer countertop service; however, are you comfortable with settling for less than what you really want or do you want the best? That’s easy to answer! Of course you want the best! No one wants to spend their hard-earned money and find themselves regretting that they settled. You can be sure that with Henry’s Granite, you’ll receive exceptional quality countertops, reliable, prompt service and prices that cannot be beat!

Local Countertop Services in Rhome, TX

Are you in need of a variety of countertop services? Henry’s Granite provides you with any and all countertop services that you fine yourself in need of, from total room transformations to small upgrades and projects. Have you grown tired of your poorly-designed kitchen and want new countertops, hardware and tile? Is your bathroom outdated and you’d like a new countertop and a vanity area installed? Do you feel overwhelmed with having to make so many decisions regarding home upgrades and would welcome professional design assistance? We provide that for you too! You can have peace of mind in knowing that everything you need will be taken care of when you trust Henry’s Granite!

Quartz Countertops

The debate has continued for years as to whether granite countertops or quartz countertops are better. They each offer you many positive benefits; therefore, it really comes down to which one you like the looks of the most and what suits your lifestyle and personal needs the best. 

Quartz countertops are comprised of quartz material and resin, making them easy-care, cost-efficient and stain-resistant. Are you always on-the-go? Do you love cooking and want countertops that don’t stain? Do you enjoy entertaining frequently at home? If so, then quartz countertops would be a great choice for you.

Quartz & Granite Installation

Henry’s Granite hasn’t finished yet after we’ve installed your fine quality countertops! From the start of upgrade development until the transformation of your home is completed, we take care of every aspect for you. Top quality finishing details are what takes your house from simply being updated and transforms it into the home of your dreams. For quartz & granite installation in Rhome, TX contact us today for a free quote!

Our close relationships with the most respected suppliers in the industry enables us to offer you and install the finest sinks, most beautiful hardware, hand-crafted tile and luxurious natural stones at low rock-bottom prices. With Henry’s Granite, you can relax and have confidence knowing that without a doubt everything that you need will be done for you!

  • BACKSPLASHES – Your backsplash commands attention with our detailed tile work.
  • BATHROOMA natural stone shower turns your bathroom into your personal spa.
  • COUNTERTOPS – Our installation experts measure, cut and install countertops with precision.
  • EDGE STYLES – Your edge profile is crafted by our fabrication artisans.
  • KITCHEN – Fine hardware, sinks and tiles transform your kitchen.
  • NATURAL STONES – Unique natural stones enhance every room in your home.
  • REMNANTS – Our affordable remnants highlight your important areas.
  • SINKS – We offer every style from ultra-contemporary to classic.

Countertop Edge Profile

Don’t overlook how important your countertop’s edge profile is! Functionally, the edge profile is necessary to smooth the rough edges of the countertop stone slab. Visually, it is essential to convey your preferred environmental style and unite all the elements within the room. It’s important to consider what the countertop will primarily be used for and where it will be located. Examples of our finely-crafted edge profiles will be presented to you by our designer, who will then aid you in choosing the edge profile that is perfect for your taste, your personal needs and your lifestyle.

  • BEVEL – This easily adaptable angled edge has endured for decades.
  • DEMI BULLNOSE – This popular edge profile has rounded upper edges.
  • FULL BULLNOSE – Similar to the demi, both upper and lower edges round smoothly.
  • LAMINATE – Your countertop stone appears thicker with this stacked edge profile.
  • OGEE – Radiate sophisticated elegance with this intricate premium edge.
  • STRAIGHT – Your stone is the focus with this sleek, smooth profile edge.

Quartz & Granite Showroom

Make it easy on yourself! Stop by our conveniently-located showroom to see in-person the multitude of quartz and granite colors, patterns and varieties that we have here for you to choose from. Call us up today at (817) 402-1759 and schedule an appointment to see the abundance of large countertop stone slabs in our expansive warehouse. The design consultant will present to you the many options that we offer you, as well as demonstrating how you can frame and enhance your new countertops with our unique natural stones, fine tile and our affordable remnants.

Providing All Stone Countertops

With Henry’s Granite, you’re not limited to choosing just between quartz and granite! When you’re contemplating which countertop stone that you should choose, consider what design style makes you feel most comfortable, what function the countertop will serve and where it will be located. Natural stones such as marble, slate, travertine or onyx each have their own unique qualities. 

You’re guaranteed that your countertops will be envied by all when you incorporate natural and specialty stone! The professional designer will present to you many natural stones and assist you in choosing the ones that are best suited to your taste and your lifestyle.

  • NATURAL STONE – Expand your creative options by incorporating natural stone.
  • SPECIALTY STONE – Specialty stone guarantees your countertops are one-of-a-kind.
  • EURO STYLE – Your stone visually cascades down the sides on this countertop style.

Contact Us For Granite Countertops in Rhome, TX

It’s tough to decide between quartz and granite for your countertops, isn’t it? Henry’s Granite understands what a difficult decision it is to select the countertop stone that’s just right for you. We are always here for you to answer your questions and assist you in choosing the countertop stone that is perfect for you. Contact us today at (817) 402-1759 and speak with our countertop professionals in Rhome, TX. View our extensive online inventory and come by our conveniently-located showroom to see the myriad of stone options that we make available to you. No matter what your preferred decorative style is, Henry’s Granite will turn your house into the home you’ve always dreamed of!