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Granite Vs Quartz

Have you been wondering if you should choose granite or quartz for your countertops? This debate has continued for years between both homeowners and builders alike. Granite has been highly-favored because of its elegant, sophisticated beauty that it provides in your home. Quartz countertops; however, are growing in popularity because they are easy to care for and highly versatile. Builders frequently put granite countertops in the homes that they build because people are drawn to it.  When you incorporate stone countertops… Read More »Granite Vs Quartz

Henry's Granite


Henry’s Granite has the largest, most extensive selection of premium quality stone that’s available in the entire DFW metroplex region and throughout the surrounding cities. Our family-owned company is based locally so that it’s easy for you to see the massive selection of fine stones and for you to choose what’s best for your home upgrades and transformation. For over ten years, Henry’s Granite has been installing superior quality countertops for homeowners throughout the cities that we serve.  Are you unsure… Read More »QUARTZITE